About the Czech Switzerland

Trips, accommodations, sports equipment rental

“originality, quality and personal approach”

Unlike anonymous nationwide agency, we offer a completely different approach and service. personal. Chalets, which we know to rent. We know their owners, neighborhood, of trips. We know, where it is better to walk, where the bike, which passes stroller, where to eat, where to go for culture and which certainly will not foot and enjoy the solitude and the full tourist season. We will advise you, what to do when it rains and where the best coffee brews, great views, wherein the bath, We will lend you sports equipment and arrange a picnic basket for a great afternoon.

Ing. Aleš Kubica
Address: stone Horka 110, Krasna Lipa 40746
car: +420 736 224 222
email: info@ubytovani-ceskesvycarsko.cz
ICO: 73997382