Great Wolf Mountain cottage

4000,- CZK per cottage. Minimum accommodation 2 nights. When the reservation is a deposit in the amount of 50% of the price and the remaining 50% pays a 14 days before arrival, All on Account. Cash payment is not possible!


Podstavková cottage with a tower is located in the village of Wolf Mountain near Krasna Lipa. The cottage is maintained flowers, trees and small lakes. In this part of the garden it is also a smokehouse and a small seating area. In the western part of the garden has a swimming pool with heated water, and swing-hut with seating . Cottage rentals provide accommodation for 1 when 10 people in 6 dormitory.

Bedrooms and rooms: common room, decorated in the old style TV. Cuisine traditional style, complemented by household appliances (A fridge with a freezer, electric stove, kettle, microwave… ). The ground floor is also a bathroom (1 shower, 1 1x toilet in havana) . 1yourself

1. Upstairs 6 rooms (2,2+1,2,2,3,1). Each room has its own particular style, ancient equipment.

Sanitary facilities: The facility is located on the ground floor 1 bath, 1 shower and WC 1. On the ground floor there is 1 separate WC.

heating: electrical, and heating oil.

Parking at the house.

The entire building is free WiFi.